The Faithbook project

We are a young Catholic couple, Anne-Laure and Frédéric, traveling around the world discovering interreligious initiatives. Along our way, we provide media coverage of different religions and interreligious organizations in over fifteen countries. The believers we profile bet on a peaceful coexistence by coming together in sports, education, the arts, environmental endeavors and dialogue.
We will depart from Assisi, Italy, in October 2011. Assisi, the city of St. Francis, is where John Paul II invited representatives of different religions to pray for peace in 1986. Now 25 years later, it’s Pope Benedict XVI’s turn to bring together religious leaders.

With the growth of globalization and multiculturalism, we believe that interreligious dialogue is a vital necessity. When cultures and religions meet each other, tensions can arise. To counter the media’s depiction of religious wars, conflicts, and terrorism, we decided to travel to meet men and women who have chosen pacific coexistence with their fellow believers.

Interreligious initiatives are a condition for peace, but approaches vary in different regions of the world. In some areas, it may consist of a simple recognition of another faith, while in others, it can extend to intensive theological dialogue or the establishment of a common project. We will examine four main methods of interreligious engagement: mutual recognition, civic engagement, collaborative projects, and theological or spiritual dialogue. Because interreligious exchange happens through concrete activities, we will also film these interactions to provide a more complete view of the scope of interreligious projects.

Faithbook is aimed at believers (Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Zorastrians, Taoists, Confucians, Baha’is, and practitioners of indigenous and new religions). But it is also for non-believers, skeptics and those who question their faith. Above all, Faithbook is for anyone who wonders about the possibilities for peace and mutual respect.



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  1. We understand you are making a trip across the United States. We would love to have you come to Rapid City, South Dakota and meet with our interfaith group that includes Christians, Buddists, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, etc. We can provide housing etc.

    Publié par J. David Lankutis | 7 avril 2012, 15:47


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